Right now I am scrambling for finals as always while planning things like my trip to Florida over break, my impending unemployment phase of life, the upcoming wedding, and even a new blog.

I’m at point where things are changing quickly for me, and I’m contemplating some personal changes as well.

Today my encouragement was hearing back from an MFA in poetry about some of my work. If all goes as planned, I’ll have a couple of poems published online for the examiner. Even if it doesn’t pan out, as someone who has submitted and been rejected from the campus literary magazine for two years, it was nice to know that maybe someday I’ll be able to do something with my writing. It’s the idea that perhaps my thoughts are not isolated to me, perhaps they are things that other people consider too… but have otherwise been unable to communicate.

For me, it’s always enough to have something matter to just one other person.


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