Fearless Faith, friends, & fire

“Fearless Submission” is actually the title of chapter 8 of John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage. I bring this up not only because I am going through the book for a C-stone class, but because I am someone who has had a ridiculous amount of conversations with other women (and sometimes men) about what exactly female submission means in the context of a marriage, and what role women play in the church as a whole.

I will attempt to give you a truncated version, but I am learning SO MUCH that I’d really recommend this book to anyone who is/is going to be/ever wants to be married. Anyway, chapter 8 makes these points (among others):

  • A woman’s loyalty is always first to God, then to her husband, then family etc.
  • Her support to her husband comes not from demanding what she wants, but by praying, and respectfully communicating her desires to her husband. It means lovingly supporting his leadership (which is essentially allowing him to take initiative and responsibility, not allowing him to run one over or never listen)
  • The reason why a woman can have “fearless submission” is because it is the fruit of being deeply rooted in her faith in God. As Proverbs 31 states, she can laugh at the future because she lives in faith that God provides and sustains.
  • The “quiet and gentle spirit” I have been concerned about since the day I read it and thought I’d never make the cut is the peace that comes not from reliance on man, but from a firm foundation in Christ. This is so incredibly true! I am actually really relieved that I am allowed to be joyful and passionate- the difference is that I need to make sure my worries aren’t handed to my husband before I lay them down before the Lord. By strengthening my relationship with the Lord, I can be a better helpmate for my husband.

They also had a list of what female submission is not on page 99… but I cannot recall the whole list. Also see chapters 6 and 7 for a better idea of the whole picture. I was just looking at the female aspect here.

In other news, I turned 23 on Monday and had 3 of my best friends over this past weekend to hang out, do craft projects, and have meaningful conversations with. It was great. I am ridiculously blessed with the few close friends who have stuck with me over the years. It was so encouraging and fun!

And as for the fire? Well… I happened to get a Kindle Fire from Chris for my birthday this year! Talk about blown away and totally surprised! I was so happy I cried. It wasn’t the fact that it was something really big and awesome, but rather, the fact that when Chris does that, I feel lavishly loved. It reminds me of God’s grace. It’s probably weird to equate receiving a Kindle Fire with abundant grace, but it’s seriously the first thing I thought of before I even opened the box.

This year so far has been so wonderful. I’m looking forward to all the rest of it too 🙂


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