When it rains, it pours…


The day after I decided to share my struggles with negativity and the waiting for jobs thing in my life, God decided to overwhelm me with opportunities!

Let me just preface this by saying that I was facing the prospect of substitute teaching in a district that went from 145 to 200 substitute teachers this semester alone. The woman in charge told me there weren’t many jobs to be had and that I shouldn’t expect much. Several adults in my life told me jobs were scarce. I did not have a single job this semester until last week. I’m going to shamelessly copy and paste the following portion from an email I sent my family group (which meets on Mondays):

“On Monday, I spoke with our new friend, Liz  about working at Sylvan Learning Center as a tutor. On Tuesday, I got a substitute teaching (subbing) job for the high school in a special education classroom. On Wednesday, I went to the subbing job and was told by the teacher I taught for that he thought I did a great job and wanted to put me on his preferred list! I also visited my teacher from student teaching and got a half day job for next week, and she put me on her preferred list,  and told the office to put me down for a three day conference at the end of April! And today, I got another subbing job for tomorrow at the middle school! I am so blessed! I do not think it is a coincidence that God has answered our prayers right after we prayed for it on Monday! Can’t wait to see you all next week!”

As for this week, I lined up 3 partial days, as well as got a full day in ESL for next week through the retired schoolteacher I live with! It’s actually pretty cool that I’ve been able to get some jobs in advance because unless I’m on a teacher’s preferred list or am manually put into the system for a certain assignment, I can’t see available jobs more than 3 days in advance. I choose to see it as an opportunity to exercise my day to day reliance on God. He knows what I need.

I also get to talk to the person at Sylvan about possible employment tomorrow. Seriously, I would LOVE to work at a place that believes that all students can achieve. It’s one of the many reasons I want to be a teacher, and I dislike that many educators believe this attitude is naive. No, not all students will get a 4.0, but it is possible to work with students to build their personal growth and development so that, if nothing else, they can believe they are capable to face the world’s challenges, even when others tell them they can’t. I praise God for channeling my stubbornness into a career where it can be used for His glory, rather than my detriment.



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