Cool Beans

I am daily encouraged watching God move mountains in others’ hearts. This weekend was tough, but yet another testament to God’s faithfulness. This is one of those times where the details aren’t mine to share, but I was amazed to finally see forbearance in action; people who had a loved one not following after God never spoke ill of them, but loved in actions and word in Christ until that individual came around. Wow.

On a semi-related note, I have seen God work through some very simple acts of service and Spirit-placed words I couldn’t have contrived. He truly makes everything beautiful in its time.

In other news, I have an interview for a tutoring place tomorrow (later today), my wedding wedges came in the mail this weekend, and I’m going to get back into journaling. I’ve found writing out my prayers slows down my thinking enough to listen to God, and often He answers before I can finish writing the question. I love it when that does happen.

Real post sometime this week.

Like this song:


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