Reflections on Philippians 2

If I have any encouragement, comfort in His love, relationship with the Spirit, if any affection or mercy, then may His love guide my life as I act on what I have believed in my heart and spoken with my mouth.

May my spirit not be motivated by competition with others or my own vanity, but instead consider others before I focus on myself. I should try and be attentive to others’ needs instead of just worrying about my own.

Father, change me to be more like Your First Son in all my being. Even though He could have used His power for what He deserved, He didn’t; He was humble, loving You by serving wholly. I want to remember who You are in how I live daily. Empty me of the things I try to use to fill the void inside myself that You created in me solely to be fulfilled by You. May I not just act obediently sometimes, but be obedient in my lifestyle. I need help with that. Why do those who know God desire all this? So others may learn who You are, and bring glory to Your name. That’s what I want in my life.



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