Ode to an Old Friend

I hate that I notice. 

But I won’t forget

The moments that fell alway like water drops on my windshield

Driving down the wrong way of the freeway

Until I found an exit and careened to right myself.


Exhilarating? Yes. 

Best decision of my life? No. 

One of those things we just had to try? absolutely not.

One of those things I wish I could rewrite? yes. 


Yet I’m glad, despite my error, I got you home in one piece,

Shaken up though you may have been. 


I’m okay.

You’re okay. 

Seriously, it’s hard to tell you that. 

But it really is all right. 

I completely understand why you wouldn’t want to get in the car

Or go anywhere near the road where I might be. 


But I won’t forget the promise either. 


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