The Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party… UNVEILED!

Disclaimer to males/other concerned readers: I promise this post will stay completely within the realms of the appropriateness to read if in fact your chromosomes are XY and not just XX (which again, this post is not) or if you just don’t want to know.

I grew up going to church showers. They were kind of fun, and to a small girl, the cream cheese mints were awesome, and obtaining the role of the present carrier-to-the-bride was vital. Cue Christian school girl best-behavior tactics and eye contact with scary adults.

However, my 3rd shower was yesterday, and it was not a church shower, but a friends shower. The fun shower which I described as completely practical because marriage means becoming One with your husband in a biblical way. But that is not the point. The point is that I managed to get 13 of my closest friends to come hang out with me on a rainy Saturday VEISHEA afternoon. Out of the group, only 3 are married, and of those three, my friend Jess has been married the longest at nearly a year.

She gave the devotional, which was a compilation of knowledge gleaned from many sources, and I love the way she talks about marriage and relating life to God. She’s so down to earth and genuine! I had no prior knowledge of what this shower would all include, and at first, I was a little nervous about what my friends present who weren’t believers would think. I was hoping that particular demographic wasn’t offended, but as Jess continued, all I could think about was how wonderful of an opportunity marriage is going to be to share truth and God’s love. And it’s not a secret, which is why we’re having a wedding in the first place.

Anyway, there was a chocolate fountain, a thumbprint tree, streamers, chicken salad, and lots of laughter, but I could not be more grateful for the love and support of my friends as I take this next step in life.

The bachelorette party was also a testament to how much my friends know and love me. There was a scavenger hunt around Ames, and even though my team contained my friends who are not exactly super competitive, it was still a wonderful time, complete with daring acts in front of crowds, and a double rainbow (maybe I’ll put up the video we made with Jackie explaining how it works?).

We ate at a great restaurant and then checked into a local hotel to swim, hot tub, relax, and share with one another. We sat in the hot tub and shared what God was doing in our lives, and had an awesome time reconnecting. Most of my closest friends don’t live near me right now, but they are the kind of people who can pick up our friendship again, no matter how far the distance.

We may have gone to bed before midnight or before opening a couple bottles of wine (or been totally “lame” in the eyes of the general public), but it was time well spent, and it made me 100% sure that these are the women who will not only support me now, but will be my friends for life. That’s something that doesn’t come around all the time.



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