Today is a list-making day.

List #1: Confessions of how I pass the time as an engaged lady

  1. Check the countdown feature I have installed on my computer to see how many days left.
  2. Translate that number into weeks, months, or something more meaningful than a whole number.
  3. Peruse our registry… and sometimes look at what people have bought already or more entertainingly, what others have decided we needed and added to our registry.
  4. Wedding craft. So far I have torn apart a book, cut the pages, and stamped out an edging pattern in order to create a table runner; put antique mason jars in the dishwasher to clean them up before experimenting with lace, twine, water, fake tealights, and flowers; decided the color and basic design for all of my flowers, complete with fillers and accent flowers; designed our wedding website; put fake flower petals and beads on fishing line and hot glue them in place; clean up an antique metal egg basket to be the card basket….
  5. Organize wedding info on a spreadsheet. Hooray for spreadsheets, guest lists, and endless paperwork involving addresses, labels, stamps, and stuffed envelopes.
  6. Read a steady stream of marital advice books, articles, etc. and try to make sure I’m still focusing on biblical ideas.
  7. Browse craigslist, the university “Free & For Sale” postings, and garage sales for items still needed in our future home (things like furniture mostly). So far I have snagged us a really nice futon, a bookshelf, and tipped Chris off about a moving sale that got us a free coffee table.

List #2: The ways I celebrate being not married yet:

  1. Shaving my legs on my schedule (we’ll leave it at that).
  2. Writing/signing/using my maiden name.
  3. Having the occasional sleep in day where I make no real meals (just snack), have no obligations, and just relax with a book or something on my own.
  4. I know this is weird, but I’m enjoying my twin mattress bedding. I really love textiles and bedding, and although I’ll have new stuff when I’m married, this is the last time for probably a long time that I will be sleeping in a twin bed.
  5. Being relaxed about organization in my sleeping space- I am very much used to living around various roommates’  needs, and know that my future sleeping spaces will be very very tidy due to this tendency, so I’m enjoying letting my room be just my room.
  6. Spending time helping out another family around the dinner hour- when I’m married, Chris Topher will be my priority, and I’m going to try and be home for dinner so we can eat together, meaning I won’t be doing this particular job in the Fall.
  7. Hanging out with Grandma Bev in this last month of living with her- I have been so blessed with such a wonderful adoptive grandmother and place to live.

List #3: What I’m looking forward to about marriage:

  1. Better initials: RAP to RAM
  2. No more commute back to my own residence in the evenings.
  3. Moving to new places
  4. Being able to build relationships with other couples in a similar point in life
  5. But mostly, I’m looking forward to living with my best friend and being able to love him in many different ways- from dishes and cleaning to vacations and sleeping.

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