This is one of those posts where I reflect on how I am blessed with Chris Topher

I love having my Chris Topher back after finals. He smiles. He cuddles. He wants to have friends over, eat regular meals, play board games, and have glorious long talks with me again. 

I love this man for many reasons, but as the days before marriage grow shorter, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for a person who grounds me and points me back to Christ by his actions and words. Lately, it’s been things like early morning breakfasts where we meet at his house before heading off to work and he has food and coffee ready and waiting (he even makes me a mug to go or packs my lunch!). I also love when he takes the time to pray for me while I’m there. 

He has genuine humility when he serves others because he really doesn’t want any attention for his actions, and he doesn’t look for validation in those he serves. I know his flaws because he is a sinner like me and we’ve spent quite a bit of time together, but even with his flaws he displays a desire to grow and a willingness to consider other perspectives that challenges me immensely! 

He doesn’t think he’s too outgoing or “interesting” as a leader, but is his consistency of character that draws me because it is not inflated with self-importance, vanity, or any thoughts of how he liked/viewed by others. Basically, he’s really good at most of the things I’m not, and I am so happy to be his fiancee (and soon his wife) because he is a man with a God-transformed heart that is worth following. 


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