5 Thoughts

Here are some bits and pieces I have been ruminating lately (yes, I’m an English teacher who uses big word when I’m writing for me haha). 

  1. I read an astute article on depression my friend who is a psych major shared on her facebook. It was intriguing because it examined the social stigma concerning depression, and how suicide has been determined to be the cause of 3 major factors (all caused by different things of course). Depression is a really difficult topic to tackle because it affects many people, but it is so misunderstood. Suicide is still perceived as an inherently selfish and cowardly act, and although I agree that it is a very self-centered issue, I wouldn’t see it quite as selfish. It’s the result of people without a sense of belonging. I enjoyed that this article cited the disintegration of social structures as a key factor for more people committing suicide. I think about this issue a lot, even being able to pinpoint my own happiness with being a part of a church, Bible study, or even volunteering in order to help others. The article is here if you’d like to read it. It’s quite long, but worthwhile.
  2. On that note of volunteering, there is a chance I may be going with my church to help out in Moore, Oklahoma. We’re really not that far from where they are, and our church is working through a Baptist organization to see if they need people. I don’t currently have a job, so I figured, why not? I love helping and loving people, and I’m trying to see this extra time right now as a gift to give others.
  3. I have commenced studying for my Praxis II exams in order to become fully licensed as a teacher through reciprocity in this state. Iowa has a 3 year mentorship program, Arkansas has standardized testing. I am a terrible test-taker, despite being a teacher and even an ACT prep. teacher last year (actually a really fun job!). It’s time to re-read the classics and make flashcards on distinguishing Italian and Shakespearean sonnets, different time periods of literature, and attempt to not get ripped off by the test-makers in regards to study materials. I will have to take 3 tests to be certified in all the things I am in Iowa (English content, English pedagogy, and English for non-native speakers are the tests).
  4. God is giving me increasing peace about Chris being gone a lot this summer for his work, and the fact that I am still struggling to fit in here. Sometimes I do still get upset at what I perceive to be people not caring, but I have to remember that most of the time, people don’t mean to ignore others and that everyone has their own issues to deal with. College was difficult like this too, and got better with time. 
  5. Chris is beginning to see all the tough parts of his grad school/job. I love that his boss is a very driven man who values Chris as a great investment for his research, but I do not love how hard it has been for Chris to figure out communication with everyone. I adore that Chris is detail-oriented like me and believes in doing things the right way, so I completely identify with his difficulty in seemingly being “that guy” who goes by the book. It’s scientific research for goodness’ sake! If they aren’t accurate, bad things can happen. Anyway, I can tell that Chris will grow immensely from this situation, even if it tends to be trial by fire. 

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