The Name of the Game is: WAITING

I am clearly still impatiently waiting to hear back about teaching positions. I am still occasionally tearing up thinking of students whom the world has ignored that I will (hopefully) have the chance to work with in the future. I am still dreaming of beautiful school supplies, excellently planned lessons, and even getting to grade papers again! 

I may actually eat my words when I get my wish, but I tend to do that anyway, so I’m okay with this. I just don’t want my new teacher excitement to go to waste. This is what I feel joy doing! 

I miss the sense of community, the other teachers, the multitudes of students, the high school sports, and the opportunity to challenge, encourage, teach and learn from students from all walks of life. 

In the meantime, I am meeting this upcoming week to discuss starting a conversational English club through our church’s thrift store/skills center right here in town! It will be something fun to do this summer, as well as a great way to continue connecting to my new community. 

I will probably spend another post talking about public service, but until then, I challenge whomever is reading this to go help someone today. Volunteer your time while you can and contribute to your city that offers you so much! 

And also in the meantime, I will keep praying and praying and praying each time I feel impatient. In fact, there’s a decent chance God is doing this in order to grow the amount of time I spend with Him. Oh, recurring themes of my life! 


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