Turning the Corner

Yesterday was hard, but it was sweet. 

I’ve come to realize that I can try to be okay on my own, but I won’t be. My situation may not change at all for awhile, but God can change my heart toward it, removing a seemingly profound barrier. 

So I still am unemployed, no one has called, Chris is still having a rough time with his job, I still don’t have a lot of friends here, Chris is still going to be gone a lot this summer, we are still celebrating our anniversary early because of his work schedule and we won’t get to go where we want… 

but all of that is okay. It’s a hiccup in the grand scheme of things. I just refuse to believe that God would bring all hardship without some joy, and even if the rest of this life is hard, we’re not living for this life, but for the next. It is with this brand of imperturbable confidence in who God is that we can move forward. It is with His Spirit that we are empowered to say this with complete faith; He is coming for us and will win in the end. 


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