Let This Be a Witness

To the sovereignty of God and the timeliness of His gifts.

Today is Chris’ and my one-year anniversary! I can hardly believe that I have already been blessed with an entire year with my best friend; the man who saw me at the worst I’ve ever been and didn’t walk away or try to “fix” me; he listened and loved me as a dear friend instead of trying to make a pass at me. He didn’t press me for a decision or try to guilt-trip me; he calmly drew me out and waited for me when I was slowly climbing out of a deep pit. He loved me when I was disillusioned about life, he loved me when I was all lit up inside, he loves me still when I’m tired or playful. And quite frankly, God brought him to me at the right time because I’m not sure I would have been smart enough to see Chris for all of his good qualities otherwise. He’s a humble man who doesn’t have a sense of entitlement; the exact personality I need to keep me grounded. He loves me when I’m working hard at teaching, and he still loves me when I’m unemployed and upset at the world or am struggling to see things from God’s perspective.


And he was excited with me today when I GOT A CALL FOR AN INTERVIEW! Guess which school it is. Yes, that’s right. The Christian school. Regardless of how it pans out, today I am thankful for my husband and thankful for a God who only gives me things when my heart has the right attitude. However, I did also tell God to make it clear where I was supposed to teach next year. If I get an offer from them, I’m going to take it and trust that it’s the right direction to go. 

I know it’s just an interview, but it is enough for today. Praise God! We’ll see how it goes on Thursday. Prayers are appreciated. 


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