Hot Mess

Good morning, everyone. I slept 2 hours later than intended, but that’s probably because I didn’t sleep til 2. Good news, I spent my comatose waking up attempts on my noodles to correct my back. 

I made some coffee. I checked email, prayed, pulled up Psalm 5, and got up and grabbed the new lovely coffee. I burnt my tongue promptly. While sucking on an ice cube I fed our fish who had quite an attitude this morning. Then I spilled my coffee 😦

Oh well. Listening to some grounding worship music and considering my response to the DOMA situation. I’m not made or angry it was shot down. People who don’t know Jesus should be free to do what they want. At the same time, I can’t say I’m in favor of applying the title that means a sacred covenant to anyone who wants to permanently sign up to live together and love each other. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be gung ho about it. 

However, if God’s law is above the law of the land, I think of this as more of an opportunity for Christians to show the distinction in a marriage sealed by God as opposed to every legal union. We haven’t done that, even by having couples who know and love God not being educated or having an informed opinion about current events. No, I’m not saying to ditch God’s truth for worldly logic alone, but I am saying we need to be compassionate towards others who don’t feel the same way as us and open to hearing things we don’t agree with. 

You can love someone and respect them as a human being without putting your stamp of agreement/approval on their choices. It’s really childish to think otherwise. 

In other news, I think I’m okay with this waiting period. Is anyone else suspicious when things are going well and God isn’t teaching you something? I always am in those situations; God disciplines those He loves. Therefore, I am going to grow from all of this. Just remember if you’re not getting anything from God, your actions will find you out. I need to stop watching some people like time bombs; what do I know about how they connect with God? Plus, God gives grace as He chooses, and there have been times I should have had more severe consequences but didn’t. I will always remember those. 

Will today be the day, Lord? You know my heart. I’m all Yours. Thank you for Your Word and for Paul’s reminder that hardships humble us, make us strong, and help us to rely on You. I’m relying. It’s working 🙂 Thanks, God! Read 2 Corinthians 12 today, if you’re looking for context.

I am a hot mess of thoughts, spilled coffee, and mixed emotions. I’m glad God has it covered and will take me home someday. I miss it already but I have to keep moving forward. He is faithful.


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