Praise & Supplication

Oh Lord, You have done great things

You have stretched the history of the world and universe before You

And You delight in telling Your story through Your Son, Your Creation,

and the lives of those who love You.

Prepare me to be Your vessel

Forgive my doubts and weaknesses

Let Your Glory shine in my lowest days

And raise me to love others the way You have loved me

Give me the Words, and the strength to speak with Your joy

That is outside of circumstance and our human condition.

3 You asked to see evidence that the power of the Anointed One, the Liberating King, is at work in me. Well, you will see it because He won’t be weak in dealing with you. Instead, He will do great things in you. 4 Now it’s true that He was crucified in weakness, but it’s also true that He lives by God’s power. For we who belong to Him are weak in Him, but we will live with Him by God’s power for you.

2 Cor. 13:3-4


8 For there’s nothing we can do to oppose the truth; all we can do is align ourselves with it. 2 Cor. 13:8


11 Finally, brothers and sisters, keep rejoicing and repair whatever is broken. Encourage each other, think as one, and live at peace; and God, the Author of love and peace, will remain with you.


You promise everything. Use me. Fill me. Help things to move. Will today be the day, O Lord, my Father and Provider? Will today be the day You continue this small flame of hope into a fire of opportunity and a way to sacrifice myself for others?

Thank You for being my Teacher. Do not leave me. Give me the words! I rest in trust and reliance on Your power.



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