Galatians 111 Know this, dear brothers and sisters: the

Galatians 1

11 Know this, dear brothers and sisters: the good news I brought to you isn’t the latest in fiction or the product of some creative mind. 12 It is not a legend I learned or one that has been passed down from person to person, ear to ear. I was gifted with this message as Jesus the Anointed revealed Himself miraculously to me. 13 Surely you are familiar with my personal history, with my dedication to the teachings and traditions of Judaism. I persecuted the church of God—in fact, I meant to destroy it. 14 I excelled in the teachings of Judaism far above other Jewish leaders, and I was zealous to practice the ways of our ancestors.15 But God—who set me apart even before birth and called me by His grace—chose, to His great delight, 16 to reveal His Son in me so I could tell His story among the outsider nations.


 23 But stories of my call and mission preceded me: “The very man who wanted to kill us all is now preaching the faith he once labored to destroy.” 24 And so they praised God for the miracle He did in my life.

God, Your Story is not a legend, nor is it outdated or foolish. It is timeless. Although we like to think of ourselves as modern, human nature has not changed; just the trends in what we think is acceptable. Lord, Your truth is endless. It is valuable. It is worth my life and more.
Give me an opportunity to take Your love to those who don’t know You. Help me to find full-time teaching employment this fall so that I can be who You created me to be and follow the path You prepared for me. Please, Lord, I am listening. I am learning. I am following. Show me that it is You that commends and does great things. 
I love you.

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