Reflections on Grace, Both Common & Personal

I see a world that is obsessed with revenge, success, and pettiness

I see the darkness from the beginning that is still leeching from people to people

Stirring the congenital disorder with which mankind is afflicted.

I see the horizon of minds slowing shrinking as individuals choose to limit their view.

And even in seeing the darkness outside, I am reminded of my own guilt.


But I still choose to place pennies of hope in Your offering box

I still invest long-term for what I believe will pay off in the end.

I know I don’t have enough

But You once promised to meet me, millions for each penny, pocket change for an Inheritance.

You don’t need my pocket change but it shows You good faith

Faith that I am not ungrateful for what You gave me.


Lord, give me enough for today, and hope for tomorrow

Comfort my soul from life’s bumps and bruises

Heal the darkness in me that whispers that I am worthless;

because that is what I was, but am no longer because of You. 

I await instruction, and as I do, I am so thankful for the opportunities You give

So I may love You obediently.

You give me blessing when I deserve curse.

You make me, a cracked vessel, whole through carrying Your Living Water.


This sounds crazy to everyone, but You understand

And that is all that matters.

I love you.


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