Dear Last Summer Self

Dear Last Summer Self,

You may feel stuck, but you’ll soon come into luck. I know it’s easy for me to say, and more difficult for you to live with, but keep hanging on. Things will turn around.

You need to let go of wanting things. This is not to say that you should abandon all ambition or simply quit, but you need to stop freaking yourself out with the “what-ifs” and wanting security all the time. Guess what? Life is filled with risks of all kinds, and the “what-ifs” will still be around next year, the year after that, and so on and so forth. You are doing what you can. Let go of the rest!

In fact, take a moment to realize that although this summer is overwhelming in many ways, you, my dear, are perseverant; sometimes perseverance looks like small choices each day to not stop hoping or to try another opportunity. Think of it like dating; if every person you dated were the right one, we’d all be polygamists and/or married to the first person we ever dated. Don’t laugh, I’m sure he’ll make someone happy 😉

I would tell you to go for another run to calm yourself, but it turns out you really are allergic to everything, so maybe just hit the gym instead. Oh, what the heck; you and I both know we can’t stay inside all summer! Poolside it is!

Just relax. Remember that you have Chris Topher and some really sweet friends to see you through. You will pass your Praxis. Your license will come through. You will be employed. But more than that, you are going to be okay for decades and decades not because of the things you have, but because of the qualities that you have through God, family, and your own stubborn experience.

Your future self.


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