I Am Allowed

I needed this today. Sometimes I wait too long to allow myself to feel.

Suzie Speaks


I am allowed to have an opinion, to say what I think, what I want and what I know.

I am allowed to have feelings. I am allowed to feel happy when things are good, to laugh at things that I find funny, to feel pain and sadness when things hurt me, and to feel angry when I witness acts that are cruel and unjust.

I am allowed to cry without feeling ashamed.

I am allowed to talk about my memories, even if I wish to discuss them on multiple occasions.

I am allowed to be affected by things that affect me.

I am allowed to develop my own thoughts and draw conclusions based upon what I believe to be true.

I am allowed to change my mind, and change it back again.

I am allowed to enjoy my interests and passions without having to provide justification.

I am allowed…

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