Pros of being exactly where I am right now:

1. Sleeping in on weekends

2. No children/dependents when I get home each day

3. I can stay in bed for an entire day off if needed (ie when I’m sick)

4. Disposable income (kinda… student loans still take a good amount).

5. Christmas in Florida.

6. Bikinis during Christmas in Florida

7. Caffeine.

8. Being about the same size since high school (ok, so I’ve gained 12-14 pounds; no biggie!).

9. No mortgage.

10. No copious amounts of appointments and childcare

11. Being able to have the medicine I need when I’m sick.

12. Car trips are a breeze.

13. We do laundry once a week.

14. Our redbox movies are rarely animated flicks

15. We cook what we love for adult palates.

16. Lots of cuddles

17. No worries about family missing out on grandkids… we’re not having them while we’re in AR!

18. I can focus on being present in my school community and improving my teaching ability.

19. Mornings are on our terms.

20. Puerto Rico!


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