2K15: 15 things I did this year, 15 realizations, and 15 goals.

Let’s get straight to the punch! 2014 is drawing to a close!


1. Tried scallops! I loved them! After watching too much Hell’s Kitchen with my Topher, I decided it was time while we are here in Florida! (For those of you who don’t know, scallops seem to be a staple for Chef Ramsay. Maybe we’ll try beef wellingtons next year!)

2. Went camping/hiking several times. Lovely sights and adventures (like that one time we forgot our bag of clothes, it rained, and took forever to start a fire/warm up/cook dinner. Second runner up is when Chris almost slid off a cliff. Third runner up is the weekend I went camping with a sinus infection. Yuck.).

3. Chaperoned Homecoming. It’s just as glamorous as it sounds, but it was a weird thing on my young teacher bucket list. Neeeerrrrrrrd. I know.

4. Played CaH with my co-workers. Hilarious! So thankful I have awesome people to work with!

5. Taught summer school (and have had quite a few summer school students in class since then). I got to teach Night, one of my all-time favorite reads.

6. Spent a weekend celebrating our anniversary with the hubs at Eureka Springs and got to stay in a Tree House Cabin! AMAZING! Thorn Crown Chapel was also pretty cool.

7. Went to Florida TWICE! The first trip was a 2 week stint to help the in-laws move. It was challenging but rewarding! We are enjoying the new place right now!

8. Roomed with one of my brother-in-laws. It’s not what it sounds like; during said moving process, everyone present stayed in two hotel rooms. But I did enjoy getting to know him better (even if he did address me as “Laundry Goblin” the majority of the time; let that just show you the quality of the humor on this guy).

9. Learned how to supervise Student Council kids while helping run Razorback parking for a fundraiser. Even in the pouring rain, I enjoy spending time with my students! They were champs in the bad weather!

10. We have had many more visits, outings, and dinners with people from Chris’s workplace. What a blessing! Many of our other friends from when we first moved here have moved on already. We were bummed, but glad Chris gained some awesome co-workers.

11. I GOT AN IPHONE! I know it sounds vapid, but I retired my 2009 flip phone. It’s kind of a big deal. This was definitely the year for various upgrades! Yay for employment!

12. Umm… I kicked scoliosis! My hips are now even again, and all that’s left is my poor neck. It’s a work in progress, but I am definitely feeling better!

13. Broke down and got allergy tested. It turns out I am allergic to ALL THE THINGS they tested me for. So far so good with shots. I can already tell from this visit to Florida that they are working (I am not sick!).

14. Broke down and got a flu shot. After 2 members on my team and a host of ill children at school, I took the plunge. Still not sure if I’ll get it every year, but this year seemed particularly virulent. Pretty proud I have not passed out due to shots at ALL this year!

15. Visited my grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins several times this year. How I treasure these visits all the more dearly as time marches on!


1. No matter how kind you are, there will be those who exclude, ignore, and/or misunderstand you to varying degrees. Expect nothing, and love them anyway.

2. I have never wanted to swear as much as I have post-teaching. No, I don’t sound like a sailor, but I have had my days.

3. Don’t apologize for who you are BUT DO APOLOGIZE when you’re a jerk.

4. Stick up for what is right, even when it’s the unpopular voice in the room. It sounds a little “after-school special” but it’s true. It is more difficult to be the voice of reason when it is someone who is your senior or boss.

5. I HATE HATE HATE NOT HAVING ALL THE DETAILS! I do not know how I didn’t piece this together before now, but putting a face to the negative feelings I have concerning the bureaucratic aspects of my job has been surprisingly helpful, even if it doesn’t fix the issues.

6. Do what is required of you, but do more than the minimum to make sure you are doing what is required of you well. It makes me happy to do so.

7. Cleaning is still cathartic, whether it’s clearing out old school papers, folding laundry, or cleaning the apartment. PUT YOUR RAGE INTO THAT WASHRAG!

8. Everybody needs a buddy. You never know when you’ll need one, so be one to your colleagues whenever possible. Yes, it does take a few extra coveted morning minutes to print off sub. plans and check in on the sub., but it’s worth it. Lord knows we’ll all be out at some point in the year and will need the same! Share the love!

9. Don’t let your desire to control the events of your day steal joy when the unexpected intervenes.

10. Ignoring one’s phone after work hours is always a good choice. Unplug, unwind, take a breather! The texts and emails will still be there later.

11. It is hard to eat vegetables, but it is good to do so anyway. This applies to a lot of life situations. EAT UP IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!

12. It’s okay to demand quiet work time every once in awhile.

13. In the words of Taylor Swift:

“Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off!”

14. Reading good books reminds me that there is still literature in the world, and I am not alone in my pursuit of eloquent expression.

15. Make a conscious decision each day to have a good day, love others, accept whatever happens, and laugh about it as much as possible. For everything there is a season.

15 GOALS FOR 2015!

1. Ready for this? WORK OUT MORE! I am not joining a gym, but I am going to suck it up and go running outdoors if this snowless/iceless weather continues. Otherwise, it’s apartment workout room. This includes weight/strength training of some sort. Bone density is vital, yo!

2. GET SHIT DONE! This means doing whatever it takes to be more organized and focused on the content rather than the busyness of the semester. It means folding laundry when I’m tired. It means working instead of whining. SUCK IT UP SISTA! (I am speaking to myself, here. Self-talk is healthy, right?)

3. Read the Bible more often. I am seriously better adjusted and more considerate of others when I do.

4. Instead of just being sad about friends I don’t get to see very often, I’m going to call, write, text or do whatever it takes to focus on spreading warm wishes instead of having a pity party.

5. Make more concise blog posts. I just realized I should have done 5 for each category but don’t want to go back and redo all of the categories. Whoops!

6. Leave my house more often during the summer, even when I’m lonely because Chris is gone. No lazy for daysies!

7. Decide what to do for my Masters. Now? Later? Degree choice?

8. Come up with a better system for reminding students of classroom respect and behavior.

9. Remember to post and refer to essential questions….

10. Accept PARCC (common core assessment) as a reality and not become irrationally angry at “the man” and the pressures of high stakes testing.

11. Watch what I eat a little more closely. More veggies, less crap!

12. Make breakfast for Chris more often. I don’t like big breakfasts, but he does, so I want to do it as an act of love.

13. Accept that we are in a 2 bedroom apartment stage of life: it is cramped, a little inconvenient, but okay because Chris will get his PhD, I am employed, and SOMEDAY we’ll have a house, a dog, and some kids 🙂 God, who is rich in mercy, does not abandon those who love Him.

14. Respect Chris’s decision to walk or not walk for his Master’s degree. I reeeeeaaaaaallllllly want him to, but that darn awesome humility tells him it’s not a big deal (even though it SO is! All he does is win! What a rockstar!*).

15. Enjoy this season of my life. It may not be what I think I want, but it definitely has its pros.

*Chris would like you to know he doesn’t think of himself this way and he is mildly alarmed at all the nicknames I have for him. This is what 2.5 years of marriage will do to you, people!


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