Dear World,

My name is Rachel, and I strive to not be a sneak. This means I try to be consistent in how I am to most people (although exceptions are made for the sake of keeping the peace).

I HATE it when people:

a)deliberately put themselves and others in a difficult position… and then complain about it. I feel like unless you asked me for advice and it ended up being crummy, YOU are 100% to blame! Yes, I will donate some commiseration because I’m generally an empathetic individual, but your life decisions should be well thought out. You can’t both celebrate happy milestones while whining about how poorly they were executed.

b) try to mask controlling behavior with being “nice.” Say what you mean. Give it to me straight. Don’t try to hide behind polite pretense when what you are saying is meant to be overt, pointed, and without another option.

c)attempt to pressure me into doing something. Unless you are my boss and I like my job, I usually go the opposite way when pressed. Just saying…

Good! Those are out of the way! Here is what I love:

a)When people surprise me by expressing care for me (text/call/note/etc).

b) when people share what really matters to them or ask me thought-provoking questions. Yes, I am a “deep thinker” (as one friend inquired after I was going for deeper conversation).

c)when people say awesome things about their spouses/significant others. It makes me smile.

Life is good. Be happy!


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