Living a Sonny Life

I lost a friend this week. I had the privilege of watching him grow from an obnoxious freshmen, to an exuberant follower of Christ who spent the time from when he was saved until his death pointing others to Christ and loving people without bounds (details for the curious).

It would be easy to say that he inspired this post entirely, but I felt more strongly that his sudden demise fueled something that has been latent in my heart for some time. When I found out this friend, newly 25 years old, had died in a house fire, I (of course) cried… but the overwhelming thought I had was: “What am I even doing? What are any of us doing?”

We live so trapped by our own desires and woes. We live in self-imposed cages that suggest there is a limit to God’s love. Even Sonny’s life is testimony to this fact; he loved others so much, and yet many people hesitated to reciprocate that love until his death. I will admit, sometimes I found him irritating (like the multiple times in China he tried to get us to like authentic Chinese breakfasts involving seafood… or the way he would awkwardly start conversations about things I didn’t want to discuss), but I loved how frank he was, and how he loved others unapologetically.

Too often I apologize when I think I step on others’ toes, when I could be loving openly and NOT be sorry about it. It’s bold, but it’s free. And you know what? When you live genuinely, people can’t help but love you, faults and all.

So be Sonny; like Sonny Wang or like the Son of God. Be unapologetic in the sharing of truth and love.


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