Why I suck at Bible reading plans… and why it’s okay.

I am a perfectionist, a type-A, a self-starter, an internally motivated creature who defies laziness and human bounds of inconsistencies!

Just kidding. Although I am a lot of those things, I am totally inconsistent when it comes to reading my Bible. It’s something I want, but apparently don’t always want enough in order to situate my day around it.

I love the feeling of personal accomplishment, and I love doing every single day of a Bible reading plan. The problem is, if I can’t be perfect… sometimes I quit. It is ridiculous how I cut myself off from something with clear benefits for me out of vanity and pride.

This is not to say that I feel bad about myself; it is rather a moment of realization that God does not want perfect Christ followers. Where would His glory show through someone who has no visible flaws? Why would I want to prevent myself from seeing His grace in understanding how flawed I am?

I am also not saying that we should use humanity as an excuse to ignore our Bibles, but I am saying that God, who is awe-inspiring, can change even the mundane (not reading like we ought to) into a holy experience (accepting His grace and reading, reading, reading!).

Therefore, I’m going to attempt to improve my reading track record… but I’m not going to go crazy and try and catch up on all the days for the sake of catching up. I’m going to savor the Word and accept grace with it.


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