Beach House is coming out with a new album! And here are my abridged thoughts on gay marriage!

You’ve got to listen to the new song! I’ve always loved Zebra, so this new album looks like a no brainer.

I’ve been waiting for something like this musically. I spent about an hour yesterday listening to Blink182 and other 2000’s bands I used to love. There’s something to be said for music that stirs one because of the lyrics or techniques used.

Anyway, with the SCOTUS decision and incessant mud-slinging, I’ve been mulling it all over incessantly. What’s a little funny is that I’ve already had this conversation with a very liberal friend or five way before it got to this point.

Here’s the short notes:

1. Despite people saying otherwise (God have mercy on this writer’s soul), I believe that theologically, marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. Why? References to marriage in Matthew that describes it as between a man and a woman and the passage in Romans that talks about a long list of sins that separate us from a relationship with God. To say that Jesus didn’t have any concept of homosexuality in a marriage context is to undermine His omniscience and godhood. Our sin is predictable and the future is no mystery to God. Also, see this article for an in-depth reflection of my theological beliefs on the matter.

2. That being said, I accept that not everyone will follow Christian beliefs, and that same sex couples should have legal rights.

This of course raises the question, “Well gee, Rachel, if you’re for their legal rights, how come you don’t support gay marriage?” The answer?

3. Just because I believe that individuals should have benefits via the law doesn’t mean I condone what they are doing (it’s about the same way I feel about abortion; give people safe means to do so out of compassion, but don’t condone the action). I disagree with gay marriage by definition; if I am a Christ-follower, two people of the same gender being together is not marriage. Personally, I think calling it a same-sex union would go a long way to smooth things over between those who hold that “marriage” is a holy sacred vow and those who see it as a legal distinction. I will not support/celebrate this sin in the same way I would not support my Christian friends divorcing (save for infidelity or abuse). WHY NOT?

I won’t because I love gay people and want them to know that while I will not allow others to bully or deride them, I love them enough to want more for them out of life than they currently know. God loves them and accepts them where they are, but following Him means trusting His pattern for optimal life, both here on earth and eternally. 

The trusting part is particularly difficult for everyone. If there is no recognition of that need, there is no perceived need for salvation. Many people are choosing to bash Christianity at this point (and I don’t blame them, based on some responses of hate and fear-mongering), and even more people see religion as a crutch or an imaginary friend to help individuals cope with life, but God is truth. I still grapple with the simplicity and implications of who He is, but it’s just truth; it does not change, regardless of others’ perceptions (my own included).

With all of that being said, I would much rather discuss with others than shout my opinion (which is why I’m not posting this to FB). My first response was to look at my theological beliefs, but I think that even more importantly, we just need to listen to one another and learn how to lovingly express things near to our hearts instead of bristling at them.

One of my college friends posted this response, and I think she is spot on! Let’s love! Let’s talk! Let’s go deep and know each other better.


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