Untruths and Truths

Let’s have a little chat (I use this line on my sophomores all the time).

Realizations of untruths:

  • Sometimes, you are not the kind of person who is meant to think like many other people.
  • As much as you would love for your mother to be right, not everyone wants to get along or be your friend.
  • If you are searching for fulfillment in friendships and relationships, they will be uncommon, but cherished.
  • If you are looking for affirmation from peers, you will not be satisfied.
  • Not everyone wants to hear hard truths; in fact, this is difficult even with very close friends.
  • Maturity will make you boring to many people. Smile, accept the bliss of boringness, and rest assured that you will have a lovely long life (and enjoy retirement), even if you and your husband drive vehicles that total 43 years of life and love each other.
  • It turns out, your dad also was incorrect in saying that all adults are expected to be responsible; there is no such standard, but it is helpful for you to be an adult.
  • If you find yourself feeling isolated, remember that no man is an island, and every great mind worries about connecting with the universe.

Some truths:

  • It probably doesn’t help that on top of having an odd personality, you are aware of the truth of a higher power, and cannot escape its reality or implications in your life if you tried (which you have; He won that battle of will).
  • People will misunderstand you, despite your attempts at explanation. It’s okay. You tried.
  • Don’t doubt the call of your life, even if it seems mundane or simplistic. It is not a matter of what you do, but the heart you put into it that impacts others.
  • Be introspective enough to figure out the root of your frustration, and bold enough to address it head-on and banish it from your life.
  • For goodness’ sake, LET PEOPLE GO! Do not demand the same from them as you do from yourself. Accept change. Trust that good people will come and go from your life and love them freely.

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