Pep Talk

Now is the summer of your life (both literally and figuratively)!

You should go to the gym. Not because you’re fat, but because you’ll feel better. I promise.

You pay for the gym (regardless of how little you have used it lately).

Don’t be sorry. Be proud you are making a comeback.

Yep, Zumba class can be a comeback.


If it’s not a good fit, there are other gyms, classes, options. It’ll be okay.

But seriously- you are out of excuses not to get out and enjoy your life!

Go get it, girl!

UPDATE: I did it! Loved it! Remembered how encouraged I feel post group fitness classes.


And it wasn’t Zumba; it was a sub. who did Pound. Yup, I’m still coordinationally challenged, but it was fun using plastic drums sticks to hit stuff while working out.


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