I can breathe…

I feel so much better. I am loving life once again! It’s like I was holding my breath and trying to breathe.


22 words- a new writing exercise

4 compositions of 22 words. I’m officially intrigued by this. Much thanks to Jase for the website…

*see 22 words in my links 

  1. Passion. Where on earth is yours? I remember reading your thoughts and thinking they were profoundly beautiful. Where did those emotions go? 
  2. I make it a point to live life ABUNDANTLY; i love to overflow with joy and brighten others’ days. I love life. 
  3. I am weighing my options and trying to be wise. I know these trials are a blessing in disguise. Have you wisdom? 
  4. Singing at the top of my lungs surrounded by the body of Christ. Music resonating through my body, arms outstretched. Nothing better.