Recipe: College Kid Hot Tuna Salad

Nearly out of groceries? Have too much homework to cook? Have no fear! The remnants of your groceries are easily salvaged into a delicious lunch!

Here’s what you need:
– one egg
– one can tuna (I had one of wal-mart’s generic tunas in water on hand)
– whatever cheese you have, even kraft parmesan or slices of cheese torn to pieces
– basil
– garlic powder or salt
-pepper if you want
-really whatever else you have lying around that looks good. I added a dash of lemon juice for fun.
-piece of bread if you like (I love using heels for this)

1) Beat egg in a small bowl with a fork, add a little water, continue whisking.
2) Put a little oil in a small skillet/ omelet skillet and put it on low-medium heat.
3) dump egg/water mixture into pan
4) add herbs
5)as it becomes more firm, add cheese
6)open and drain can of tuna
7) add to egg, mix like scrambled eggs
8)add lemon to taste (LOVE lemon with tuna)
9)toast piece of bread
10)Dump mixture on bread and voila! Food 🙂

It really takes under 10 minutes and is super easy. Have fun. There are numerous ways of altering egg recipes so just use what you have and make do. Revolt against grocery shopping. Do your homework… call your mom with your extra time.