It’s only a moment…

Sometimes I really feel trapped. I miss when things were black and white, when love was just love, pure, strong, and simple.

Maybe there is a simple solution. I really couldn’t say.

Things are so not black and white these days that I can be not happy, yet at the same time very content and peaceful. It’s no longer frantic irritation, but calm introspection; reviewing the scene, piecing together clues, determining a real motive. I’m not a victim, but a detective, someone removed from the situation. If I look beyond time, beyond the here and now, I already know my future is secure… therefore, I know it’s going to be all right. This is only one moment. The best is yet to come, and I press on. I’ll live and learn, but more importantly, I will love God and people with an unworldly intensity that is only the overflow of what love and goodness I have in my life =) 

I’m not happy, I’m joyful. 

Accordingly, I can wait in peace and take joy in this.


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